The BucksGolf score keeping application was created to manage the scores of my oldtimer hockey buddies on our annual golf trip. The hockey team name was the Bucks Hockey Club hence the application was called BucksGolf.

The BucksGolf Windows Store application:

  • supports tournaments (or golf trips) with multiple rounds
  • calculates handicaps using the Callaway Handicap method, since most players do not have an offical RCGA or USGA handicap
  • allows players to be grouped into teams
  • provides reports that calculate average gross and average net for individuals and teams
    Reporting the average gross/net allows a player to miss a round and still be included in the overall results (for lightly competitive tournament/trip). For example some trips may have days when they play 36 holes but the older or less enthusiastic golfers may want to skip the second round.

Version (May. 2019)

  • Replaced the deprecated Microsoft LiveSDK library with the new OneDriveSDK library. This library provides access to the OneDrive/Apps/BuckGolf location which is used as the Backup and Restore location for the SQLite database. This Backup and Restore feature is a great way to move your data from one computer to another.

Version (Nov. 2017)

  • Migrate from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 UWP (universal windows platform)
  • New views were added that work better on the small screens .
  • Print support was add for Reports
    Reports can be saved as PDF so they can distributed to players.
  • The OneDrive database backup location has been changed from OneDrive/BucksGolf to OneDrive/Apps/BucksGolf.
  • The Settings Panel (gear icon) is now on AppBar of the main Tournaments page.

Version (May 2015)

  • Initial release for Windows 8.

Many players on golf trips do not have an offical RCGA or USGA handicap so BucksGolf uses the Callaway Handicap method for calculating players handicaps. The Callaway Handicap method is a "worst-holes system" that compresses the gross score results, but generally the low gross winner ends up being one of the players with one of the lower net scores.

Just a suggestion...In order to even out the field we have made the competition for our trips a team competition and create teams that combined a low and a high scoring player. This balanced the handicaps and adds an addition element of comradery to the trip.